Pharr Forward is a group of local, progressive Pharr residents and professionals, including a small business owner, a medical doctor, and an engineer, who want to continue the progress of moving Pharr Forward in a positive direction.

Pharr Forward 2017 is:


As your incumbent and candidates, Pharr Forward will work to:

Continue Giving Back to Pharr Families

  • Responsibly manage taxpayer funds and continue cutting taxes to provide relief to citizens.
  • Continue giving back to Pharr residents through water bill refund.
  • Continue giving back to Pharr families through community nonprofit organization grants, resident incentive programs, business development grants and more.

Continue Improving the Quality of Life for Pharr Families

  • Continue paving roads, improving drainage, and increasing public facilities available for use by Pharr families.
  • With nine new parks in the works, continue expanding parks amenities, programs and services to offer numerous outdoor recreational opportunities for Pharr families.
  • Continue offering community festivals and events to keep Pharr’s culture family-friendly.

Continue Promoting Pharr As A Regional Leader

  • Recruit and retain businesses and industries that provide high-paying jobs.
  • Continue educational partnerships with local schools and colleges and promote public safety training and development as a priority to keep our families safe.
  • Improve regional transportation and infrastructure such as Pharr Expressway Interchange and Pharr Bridge expansion.

  • From the blog

    Pharr Forward Wins Big On Election Day

    pharr_election_results.pngIn an election that saw a record turnout for the City of Pharr, three of our Pharr Forward candidates won their respective races! Voters elected Dr. Ambrosio "Amos" Hernandez as Mayor of Pharr, Ricardo Medina as Place 5 City Commissioner, and Eleazar Guajardo as Place 1 City Commissioner. While Dr. Ramiro Caballero was not elected Place 6 City Commissioner, we congratulate him on a hard fought campaign.

    Thank you to everyone who supported us, from the residents of Pharr to our amazing campaign team! Thanks to you, we will be able to move Pharr Forward!

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